We dance to live classical music at every Hamilton City Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s class.  Musicians Anita Hiripi and Máté Szigeti are attentive to the student’s participation and adjust the tempos to reflect their progress.

_DSC5487_A© Tom Omorean 2015

Hamilton City Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s class starts with everyone seated in a circle.  Exercises can be modified so that everyone is able to dance.

Seated Circle

© Andie Parton 2013

As class progresses, barre work begins.  We use the backs of our chairs as a barre and proceed with exercises designed to warm up our bodies.  Exercises are modified for students who are seated.

HCB DFP Flex 2015© Tom Omorean 2015

After barre work, we proceed to the centre and dance.  Everyone dances together.

_DSC5696_A© Andie Parton 2013

At the end of class, we join hands in a circle and “pass the pulse” around the circle.  Each person turns to their neighbour, curtseys with a small bow and squeezes their hand, to pass the pulse.

_DSC5730_A© Andie Parton 2013

HCB DFP Passing 2015 SR© Sophia Ratevosian 2015


Registered Massage Therapist, Noel Cagampan takes care of everyone’s sore muscles after class.  Have a seat in his chair and relax.

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Cupcake & Friendship Time follows class.  Enjoy a sweet treat and join new and old friends.

Jody and Will's Wedding© John White Photography 2014

Curly Willow Floral Boutique create beautiful bouquets for a nominal fee for our students and volunteers to enjoy.

HCB DFP CWFB© Tom Omorean 2015