Programme Overview

_DSC5675_A© Andie Parton 2013

 The video, “English National Ballet: Helping people with Parkinson’s through the art of dance” inspired the development of Hamilton City Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s.  This video captured dance student’s participation, confidence and joy as they danced to live music, learned the characters and dances from the company’s Romeo & Juliet, and watched rehearsals.

Hamilton City Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s artistic faculty had the pleasure of attending the “Dance for PD Training Workshop” with the Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG). MMDG is the company responsible for pioneering this initiative and training future schools and companies.

Hamilton City Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s is modeled after the English National Ballet’s direction. Classes are based on the full length ballet that we are currently staging and reflect the storyline and choreography.